Monday, April 20, 2015

Beautiful Spring Day!

Oh my...what a beautiful day it is today! I have my windows open, and a crisp breeze is blowing in! Who could ask for more.

We (my husband and I) had a wonderful weekend. Yesterday, his middle child (a daughter) and her husband came over for a fish fry...oh wait...and the three grand-babies. All girls, but each one so much different from the other. But boy, did they have funny with the Hello Kitty bubble maker we bought. They chased bubbles all over the yard!

I love it when any of the grandchildren come to visit. My husband has three children - two girls and a boy. And I am blessed to be able to be NaNa to all of their children. We did have five granddaughters until his oldest daughter remarried and now we have a grandson. 

So, my knitting...obviously none was done over the weekend. But I did work on my swatches for the Craft Yarn Council Knit I course I am taking. I am halfway through with the swatches, and then I write  lesson plan. It is a course to teach knitting, but I am not sure if I am going to tackle that right now or not. Once I have completed the CYC's courses, I am going to attempt the Master Hand Knitter Program with The Knit Guild of America. Mmmmm...heard it was hard. Oh well, we shall see.

What kind of day are you having? Hope it is blessed!