Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bag of Fun (6KCBWDay4)

Oh, to have a "real" knitting bag!

Now I'm not complaining...maybe jealous of someone who has a real bag. I have plastic containers. I really do not have a lot of gadgets or exciting items in my boxes.

This is the top tray of my box. It has stitch holders, cable stitch needles, and a crochet hook.

Under the top tray of my box are all my needles...various sizes and kinds. Circular, double pointed, and straight needles. Nothing special.You can also see my yarn bobbin - one empty and one with blue yarn.

This is a second box I have. In the first compartment near the top of the photo is my latch hook. Below that are my blocking pins, and next to those is my tape measure. Finally is my scissors and more pins and underneath my pins are garment labels. Next to those are several yarn bobbins. At the very top...blurred...are my heavy duty hand needles.

These are two bags that I take along with me when I know I am going somewhere that I can knit.

So...that's my "knitting bag."