Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Horrible Start After Encouraging Blog Week

Okay, can I just say that I so messed up after my last post I have so fallen short of my knitting everyday!! I just told my husband this morning that he has no time management...what about me???

Several excuses (can't say reasons as they are excuses) exist for my lack of focus...

1. About 13 years ago we had a new carport added to our mobile home. Several times we have had termites (yes termites) in two of the posts. Upon closer inspection of the posts this year, we noticed that the wood was disintegrating at the ground level. Wood and ground do not go together well. So we hired someone to come and redo the posts...concrete halfway down and posts to the top of the carport. And of course I stayed home and had to handle all of this...with the all the rains here in Texas. That was very distracting!

2. I started doing some contract work for a company that writes test prep books. Well, what I thought was just going to be writing test questions and analyzing the answers wound up being more...finding passages. Have you every tried to find a copyright free passage??? Not so easy...yes a lot of government websites are copyright free as they write them for US! But trying to find fiction that is new and modern...or persuasive pieces??? ARGH! I am almost finished! 

So I've now vented...sorry :(

Now, on to knitting...

Anyone signing up for STITCHES Texas? Sign up is tomorrow. I have NEVER gone to a knitting conference, so I am so excited. My husband is driving with me to visit some cousins while I am off knitting.(http://www.knittinguniverse.com/Texas2015/) 

I am still working on my course through the Craft Yarn Council...my goal is to finish by the end of June.

I have no WIPs otherwise...but that is going to change. I am really looking forward to start knitting some amigurumi. I have wanted to try this for years.

I am also thinking about taking a crochet classes at a local yarn shop. I would really like to learn to crochet.

BUT...I did accomplish one of my goals from the Blog Week. I got my knitting much more organized! YAY me!

Hope you have a great day...the sun is finally out here in Texas!

Psalm 136:26 Give thanks to the God of heaven, for his steadfast love endures forever.